Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Resources for April #publibchat on privacy, moderated by Alison Macrina

Check out this wonderful list of resources for our April #publibchat on privacy from our moderator Alison Macrina!

Privacy Resources
Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance
The Great Data Sale
What Individuals Should Do Now That Congress Has Obliterated the FCC's Privacy Protections
Library Freedom Project resources:
EFF’s Introduction to Threat Modeling:
Tor browser bundle:
Privacy Badger:
EFF’s Let’s Encrypt:
What Every Librarian Needs to Know About HTTPS:
Tor and HTTPS:
EFF’s word list:
Setting up Yubikey in static password mode:
The Guardian Project:
ALA Library Privacy Guidelines for E-book Lending and Digital Content Vendors:
ALA Library Privacy Guidelines for Public Access Computers and Networks:
ALA Library Privacy Guidelines for Library Websites, OPACs, and Discovery Services:
ALA Library Privacy Guidelines for Library Management Systems:
ALA Library Privacy Guidelines for Data Exchange Between Networked Devices and Services:
ALA Library Privacy Guidelines for Students in K-12 Schools:
Surveillance self-defense from EFF:

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Questions for April's #publibchat on privacy with Alison Macrina

Don't forget to join in the discussion this Thursday night, April 27th!

Here are the questions from our moderator, Alison Macrina of Library Freedom Project.

Q1 What privacy resources are you offering in your library? This could be trainings, software, policies, or something else.
Q2 What would it take to make you/your library more successful in implementing privacy practices?
Q3 What are your biggest privacy concerns?
Q4 What privacy questions do you have? Are you curious about a particular tool? A news story? Worried about the broad effects of surveillance capitalism? Let's chat!

And stay tuned for an excellent list of resources Alison created for us!!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April #publibchat: Privacy, moderated by Alison Macrina

I am very excited to announce that our April #publibchat will be all about privacy, just ahead of ALA's Choose Privacy Week in early May. Even more exciting is that Alison Macrina (@flexlibris) of the Library Freedom Project will be moderating our chat! Alison is a librarian, internet activist, founder and director of the Library Freedom Project, and a core contributor to The Tor Project. Library Freedom Project is a partnership among librarians, technologists, attorneys, and privacy advocates which aims to address the problems of surveillance by making real the promise of intellectual freedom in libraries.

Please join in on Thursday, April 27th at at 9pm ET / 8 CT / 7 MT / 6 PT to discuss the public library's role in privacy and how we can protect our patrons.

This is a chat not to miss! Please share widely and join us for the discussion.