Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chat Questions for Nov 17th #publibchat - Reader's Advisory Resources

First, everyone can check in and introduce themselves (if they choose)

Q1 - Do you consider yourself an expert at RA in any genre/area? How did you reach that level of expertise?

Q2 - Can you recommend RA resources in your area(s) of expertise?
Q2 - What RA resources might you recommend in your area(s) of special knowledge/interest? (rephrased)

Q3 - What about genres/areas you don't know well - do you have any go-to resources for them? Especially ones we might not know about?

Q4 - Are there any specific genres/areas for which you wish there were better RA resources?

Q5 - If you know of resources especially related to diverse books, please share them!

This is a lot to get through in an hour, we know!

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