Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sexual Harassment of Library Workers - Resources for January 12 chat

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Library sexual harassment (video skit)

Teen Librarian Toolbox - Things They Don’t Teach You in Library School: Sexual Harassment? Yes, it can happen in the library

The Magpie Librarian - Please Don’t Say This to a Librarian

Librarian Sues Over Porn in Her Workplace

NOLO - Is my employer responsible for sexual harassment by a client?

Feminist Majority Foundation - Sexual Harassment Hotlines and Resources

RAINN - Hotline 24/7:  800.656.HOPE (4673) (yes, for Sexual Harassment)

Good, L., & Cooper, R. (2016). 'But it's your job to be friendly': Employees coping with and contesting sexual harassment from customers in the service sector. Gender, Work & Organization, 23(5), 447-469. doi:10.1111/gwao.12117 (PDF)

Moore, V. (2005). Sexual harassment and the library don't mixLibrary Mosaics, 16(6), 18-19. (PDF)

Thompson, S. H. (2009). Pixilated problem patrons: Or, the trials of working virtual reference and what we've learned from it. Reference Librarian, 50(3), 291-296. (PDF)


  1. Hi - just a head's up, the "50 years forward" article is on a really awful website. I would appreciate if you considered linking instead to a different article discussing the case.